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List your token!

In order to list your token on MemeSwap you need to fill in all the following informations.Learn more

If you try to list a token that is already on the swapper you will update the metadatas only.

List your token on MemeSwap

Token Address

Please fill in the address of the token you want to list on MemeSwap


Only add the number that you want without the "%". Also use 0 if you want to disable sell and/or buy Taxes

What will be the Buy tax?

What will be the Sell tax?


Website link

Telegram link

Logo url (this will be displayed as your token logo)


Please select the Router for your token.


Your description should present in full detail what the token is about, who is the team behind it and everything that you want to share about your project.


VERY IMPORTANT!if your token has fee on transfer you need to do the following

In order use the router properly, if your token has fee on transfer, you need to follow thelinkand exclude 0x0d36d74eddc17839cee33882c6dcebc23d5c9b11 from fees and restrictions on your token contract.

Please do it after listing the token on the swapper.